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Bart van Dongen piano/harmonium | Fie Schouten (counter)bass clarinet | Gonçalo Almeida double bass

Huis73 Hinthamerstraat 72 -74, 's-Hertogenbosch

City composer 's-Hertogenbosch Bart van Dongen will give a concert on November 5 with his musical companions Fie Schouten and Gonçalo Almeida. Van Dongen forms a duo with both in which composition and improvisation play an equal role. On this afternoon Van Dongen will play some of his monthly pieces. Every month a composition is


Almeida van Dongen / Tabula Sonorum

Dock Zuid – Ringbaan Oost 8, Tilburg Ringbaan Oost 8, Tilburg

Double bassist Gonçalo Almeida and pianist Bart van Dongen have created their own sound world in playing together and on their instruments. The sounds are created by applying other playing methods and materials in their playing, in addition to the traditional ones. Almeida and van Dongen visit each other, deliberately ignore each other's musical invitations,


Angel City – The expectation

Carte Blanche Eindhoven Daalakkersweg 10-08, Eindhoven

In complicated times of uncertainty - such as now - it is a normal human reaction to feel anxious or worried. A universal longing that people have for an elusive higher power that offers security is often a response to this. In part one we are waiting for a meeting with the 'Angel'. At the