Paradox Tilburg Telegraafstraat 62, Tilburg, Netherlands

**VLEK will play again on April 24, for the first time in Tilburg since last season's dazzling musical theater show 'Wim Klein, the last human computer'. The new program will be a mix of recent compositions, music from the theater show and also some 'golden oldies'. ** All band members contribute to the repertoire and,



Willem Twee Toonzaal Prins Bernhardstraat 4, 's-Hertogenbosch, Nederland

From this season onwards, Willem Twee Muziek presents a band of mainly Brabant musicians twice a year, each presenting a new repertoire. This is edition two of our house band: VLEK. The exceptionally driven and contrary collective VLEK has its roots in improvised music, jazz and alternative rock music. With more than one hundred and