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Vuistje, Boschtion

Ook wij zijn in de zomer dicht

Wido Smeets, Zuiderlucht

Zuiderlucht Cultureel Maandblad – Ook wij zijn in de zomer dicht door Wido Smeets

Vlek; Speck

Tom Beetz, Jazzism

Jazzism – Speck

Vlek; Speck (2)

Herman te Loo, Jazzflits

Jazzflits – Speck


Mark Vervoort, Brabants Dagblad

Zon na langste nacht verwelkomd op orgel

Vlek – Speck

Joachim Ceulemans, Kwadratuur

Kwadratuur – Muziek meer dan verdubbeld

Kruipend Geluid

Marianne Schoone, Brabants Dagblad

Brabants Dagblad – Kruipend geluid

Smoking Gun – Vlek

Herman te Loo, Jazzflits

First review SMOKING GUN

The debut album of the Brabant “supergroup” Vlek was reason for cheerfulness last year. The title of the second CD, “Smoking Gun,” creates Quentin Tarantino-like expectations. As ‘trigger happy’ as the gentlemen were experimentalists in the eighties and nineties, the pieces they now deliver are so cheerful and smooth. “We hear wonderfully arranged wind instruments and screaming rock guitar solos on” Smoking Gun.
“Smoking Gun” offers no major surprises or changes from the debut. Or it must be that the ensemble is much better tuned in and the repertoire is more coherent. Fortunately, the genre-hopping process has remained the same. We hear wonderfully arranged wind instruments collectives in the tradition of Vaalbleek (the orchestra of the Brabant improg guru Niko Langenhuijsen) alongside howling rock guitar solos. Reed player Edward Capel delivers a sublime song with “Laura” (the bonus track) that could be added to the Top-40 with a text.
Keyboardist Bart van Dongen signs for “Vastenavond”, a roaring wind orchestra with too much beer on it, reminiscent of the better work of Nino Rota. From guitarist Jacq Palinckx we hear the corny ‘Spot and the 7 crystal balls’ (in the style of’ Merry into the darkness’, from the first CD), but also a piece of sound impro in the middle of the stylish 6/8-waltz of ‘ Traumwalzer ‘. After all, it should not become too public-oriented.

Herman te Loo Listen to the album on the website of Vlek Music:
Jazzflits nummer 224 6 oktober 2014

Vlek – Smoking Gun

Guy Peters,

Enola – Vlek Smoking gun

Pianisten slokken de tijd op

Mark van de Voort, Brabants Dagblad

Brabants Dagblad – Pianisten slokken de tijd op

Clownerie en experiment gaan hand in hand

Maarten de Waal, 3 voor 12

SEGNA ETNA – De Beukorkest files´╗┐