Latest Past Events

Electric Grand

Baudelohof Koning Willem I-kaai 8, Gent

A bamboo cathedral for a piano A bright idea from the brain of visual artist Antoon Versteegde and pianist/composer Bart van Dongen. During the Citadelic Festival (Ghent - Belgium), the pair will create a musical structure in the Baudelohof that literally immerses the listener in the sacred sounds of a piano. Each tone of the



united c Kleine Berg 62, Eindhoven

Wereldgemiddelde examines the sound in the word, which sounds in the poet’s head as he writes. Harry van Doveren wrote the book with the sound of the words in his head. Fictional words without meaning, purely on sound. Actor Stefan Jung and musician Bart van Dongen play with the material. They give meaning, meaning, rhythm,


Broeinest – The Big Kiss

brebl Waalbandijk 14 E/F, Nijmegen

You can dance, listen enchanted, sweat, stand still or move in a trance to the live music of ‘The Big Kiss’. Thomas Jaspers (drums), Dodó Kis (recorder, EWI synth, vocals) and Bart van Dongen (Wurlitzer piano, Moog Prodigy, Korg MS20 and vocals) have joined forces in ‘The Big Kiss’. Improvisation and groove come together in