An evening entirely devoted to improvisation; one of the most important, most challenging art forms in music. Duets without a moment of silence, acoustic and amplified, from jazz to electronic music.

The interpretation of the evening is completely open. Nothing is certain on this unique, colorful, boundless improvisation evening with a choice of artists: -Colin Benders (Kyteman) -Tineke Postma (winner of the Boy Edgar Prize 2015) -Jasper van ‘t Hof -Greetje Bijma -Ralph van Raat -Wolter Wierbos -Paul van Kemenade -Richard van Kruijsdijk -Gerri J├Ąger -Ernst Glerum -Marzio Scholten -Bart van Dongen -Jameszoo -Rikkert Brok -Jeroen Doomernik.

location: Willem Twee concertzaal, ‘s-Hertogenbosch

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